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Our Partners

We are immensely grateful to all our sponsors and volunteers who have travelled to SA, often at their own expense, to come and help with the work. The list of sponsors and helpers continues to grow and we continue to be amazed at the variety of work that so many have and continue to to do so willingly and enthusiastically. Whether it is teaching, giving life skill classes, painting, renovating, gardening, cleaning up, caring, supervising, building, rubble removing, catering, participating in holiday club activities …. you have always delivered the goods to enrich the communities that we are involved with. Thank you.

EIDO Healthcare

EIDO Healthcare produces high-quality endorsed patient information leaflets and medico-legal e-learning resources to help health professionals reduce their risk of litigation. EIDO’s informed consent patient information leaflets improve the doctor-patient relationship, reduce the risk of litigation and increase patient satisfaction.

Many seeds

Ministries Many seeds Ministries (MsM), a non-profit organization, is an outgrowth of Champion-a-Child work begun in Jamaica. Champion-a-Child came about as a result of short term mission trips to Jamaica. The need to help strengthen families and assist in developing community spiritual leadership became evident.  MsM has since been working through education and lending financial and spiritual support to believers who are struggling to provide these things for themselves.

Legacy Collection

Poignant, precious, profound: Legacy Collection offers handmade pieces that are a striking token of justice, equality, forgiveness and freedom. Hand-crafted and encased in precious metal, every Legacy Collection piece – from dazzling jewellery to iconic art – is created from the original fence of South Africa’s Robben Island prison, the notorious Cape Town Island prison that housed freedom fighters including Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Walter Sisulu and many more during South Africa’s oppressive apartheid years.

Deloitte South Africa

Deloitte now refers to the brand under which independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients.