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Once a week the Copt volunteers visit a school in Clermont called Christianenburg.  The purpose of the visit is to not only run an after school programme, but to also deliver the much needed food for the feeding scheme that is run through the school.  Meal-a-Day funds the feeding scheme and it is up to the volunteers to purchase and deliver the grocery items.

The after school programme at Christianenburg is made up of Orphans and neglected children who come to the kitchen area after school for what is quite often their single meal per day.  While here the COPT volunteers have the opportunity to spend time with children who are all primary school age and each day there can be anything from 20 to 100 children attending.  The volunteers use this opportunity to teach Sunday School lessons, soccer and craft, including games and songs.  Through the building of relationships many of the children now also attend the youth group and Sunday School at the Clermont Good News Centre.