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Our Sponsors

We are immensely grateful to all our sponsors and volunteers who have travelled to SA, often at their own expense, to come and help with the work. The list of sponsors and helpers continues to grow and we continue to be amazed at the variety of work that so many have and continue to to do so willingly and enthusiastically. Whether it is teaching, giving life skill classes, painting, renovating, gardening, cleaning up, caring, supervising, building, rubble removing, catering, participating in holiday club activities …. you have always delivered the goods to enrich the communities that we are involved with. Thank you.

Meal a Day (UK & USA)

Can you imagine having to drink water from a dirty river, or from a muddy hole, because that’s all there is? Not knowing where your next meal is going to come from because there is no money for food? Having to walk miles to school every day because there isn’t a school near where you live. But for thousands of people, this is a reality. And that’s not OK.  Help us to transform lives and make a difference.

Business Connexion

Business Connexion Group is Africa’s leading black-owned ICT services provider, with over 30 years of operational experience. We are black empowered and rated as a Level 2 B-bBEE contributor. We run mission-critical ICT systems and manage products, services and solutions for JSE listed and key public sector organisations, parastatals and small medium-sized enterprises across the world.

Altech Autopage

Altech Autopage is SA’s leading Independent Service Provider. And that’s just it- we’re independent- which means that we’re able to customize connectivity solutions that work for YOU! Connect with us, and let’s get talking…


Since 2010 the Foundation has provided services and resources beyond the usual scope provided by other donors. They have funded a number of volunteer fieldworkers both locally and from abroad. Some have been partially funded as groups during their holidays, others have been fully-funded as individuals, couples and families for longer periods of time.