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Durban Bible Education Centre



The Bible Education Centre (BEC) opened its doors in the heart of the Durban CBD in 2007 as part of the COPT 2010 vision which has now become 2020. Its prime purpose was to offer free Bible correspondence courses and bible teaching classes. The BEC averages approx. 6,000 visitors each year with approximately 1,300 new students enrolling in the correspondence courses with an average of 1,100 returning them for marking and processing.

The BEC was fully refurbished with new furnishings and fitting in 2012. It now opens 5 days per week from Tuesday to Saturdays.

This has been reduced from 6 days per week due to an additional BEC opening in Lamontville, as well as lack of funds to fully finance the local African personal who are all on basic salaries.

The BEC has subsequently become and continues to be the ‘jewel in the crown’ of COPT as an adult teaching center. It is a center from which the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ is taught and proclaimed in the hope that people might become model citizens now, and in the age to come.