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Inanda is one of our fledgling projects. A township situated 24km inland from Durban and has a population of about 160,000 Zulu speaking people. Whilst in Zulu the name means ‘a pleasant place’ in 2011 it was identified by the police as being the most violent of all the surrounding Durban townships (Ref:

Inanda is also the home of Rosie and Lithle and their son Spellile. With one mud wall of her shack used as a blackboard, Rosie teaches a group of about 25-35 young people varying in ages from 4-24. Volunteers try and visit her once a month in order to assist her with food for the children, encouragement and teaching materials. After spending an afternoon with them, one volunteer said ” … today I found a faith in a Zulu Township that truly touched and inspired me … I have my bible hero’s …… today I found two more!